I realised that I haven’t posted anything for some time, and also haven’t posted any pictures of the garden as it is now, so here are a couple. I’ve been busy planting – not to any prepared plan, but rather haphazardly (which probably means that some plants will have to be moved once I’ve seen how they work – or don’t work – together & what space they need).
One Clematis – ‘Niobe’ – on the obelisk has started flowering, even though it’s not very big. The other – ‘Miss Bateman’ – hasn’t shown any sign of flowering yet, although it’s growing more. The two roses, ‘Benjamin Britten’ and ‘Felicitie Parmentier’, have had their first flush of flowers and have more buds coming on. Some seeds of Phacelia tanacetifolia which I sowed on the fallow area as a green manure drifted onto the planted area – they actually have very attractive flowers and bees and hoverflies love them!