Things have been a bit quiet here for the lsat couple of weeks; unfortunately my mother died at the beginning of April, so my thoughts and energies have been concentrated elsewhere. However, I have managed to do some work in the garden; it can be very calming, and keeps you looking forward. We were fortunate enough to have some very good weather over Easter. and it was wonderful to be able to be out in the garden enjoying it, either working or just sitting in the sun with a cup of tea.

I’ve started on a herb bed just outside the kitchen door – so good to be able to just step out & pick a few herbs to liven up a salad or add some flavout to a dish. I recently discovered garlic chives, which have a definite taste of garlic. My partner is alergic to garlic, so I’m hoping the chives will be a substitute.IMG_0001   IMG_0002

The grass is also growing quickly, and has had two cuts so far – rather rough, as I’m just using a strimmer at the moment. A mower is high on the list of essential purchases – I think I’ll get a person-powered one rather than an electric. The lawn’s just a small one, & pushing a lawn mower will provide essential exercise & be much better for me